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You obtained every single achievement! Your work is done here (You also got 100 Coins).
Reset? Going further? It's up to you now.

If you have feedback for me, write an email or use the feedback option.
Thank you for playing Bitcoiner!

Hint: If you want to open this amazing fireworks effect again,
just type firework into the command line!

Danke an..
Thanks to all player, reddit for making the game "famous". Especially to all people who are giving feedback via mail, feedback function or chat. It's also your game.
Danke an alle Beta-Tester,,, RBF Clan, komische def-net Leute, andere die sowieso keiner von euch kennt sowie zukünftiger Spieler.
Hier wurde der kleine Bitcoiner am 19. Juni 2014 geboren
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If your browser doesn't support Javascript, get one like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Impressum/Legal Notice
Total Money Made (this game): 0
Total Money Made (before reset): 0
Total Money Spent (this game): 0
Time Wisely Used (this game): 0
Time Wisely Used (all time): 0

Hack Attacks: 0
Random Events: 0
TRON Rounds Played: 0
TRON Highscore: 0
BTC/s Multi: 100%
Bonus Multi: 100
Sell Percentage: 100%
Clicking Power: 0x BTC/s
Reduced Costs: 100% of base cost
Hustler Multi: 1x base Multi

Upgrades researched: 0
Achievements: 0
Machines owned: 0
Improve your besttimes by using prestige system
1 million: ( bad points)
1 quadrillion: ( bad points)
1 septillion: ( bad points)
1 decillion: ( bad points)

Event Log
show upgrades researched (hover to see what they do)
Settings and Options

 Export and Import your savegame (backups, transfer to another computer)
>> Game does autosave every 20 seconds.<<

Download as file

You can later load your backup even if you resetted main savegame. Just for lazy people, export manually everytime.
(double click) Loads backup as main savegame and puts old main savegame as backup in storage.

 Prestige Mode
 You'll keep achievements, coins and settings. Everything else will be resetted. Please export before you restart.
 The amount of coins you will get is base on the money you made this game. (Earned coins don't influence prestige)
 If you reset now, you would get +0 Coins and
 Note: Keep in mind that it is harder to get coins on a higher prestige level.


(double click - wipe entire savegame, restart from zero - THIS IS NOT PRESTIGE)

Prestige Shop Get coins and levels through prestige mode. For further help see FAQs.
Upgrades from shop are permanent.

FAQs Starting Q: How do I get money? A: Click the big "Hack some dollars" Button for instant $1. You can also sell your Bitcoins (BTC).
Q: Well, how do I get Bitcoins? A: You have to buy your first mining machine, like the ZUSE Z3. Every machine has his own BTC per second rate, e.g. 0.5 BTC/s. You can sell BTC to get more money. (Auto-sell has a 1% fee and doesn't use upgrades)
Q: What does "USD/BTC" mean? A: It's the current exchange rate for Bitcoin - US Dollar oriented to the realtime rate. Sell your BTC at a higher change to get even more money!
Q: I don't understand the hacking system. A: The basic hacking money is $1. After researching the "botnet" upgrades, you'll gain more money through hacking. Take a look on the formula:
Money Per Click = $1 + (ResearchFactor[5|10|..]) * 0.8 * (Bitcoins/s + 0.7 * NumberOfZuseZ3Owned * Bitcoins/s)
For every hack a certain counter will increase (maximum 500). On the way to 500 clicks, the money for every hack will be decreased. After a while of not hacking, the counter will automatically decrase. (It's not a bug, it's a feature)
Q: How high is the chance that a random event appears? A: Once you researched "Asynchronous Functions", the chance to show is 1/80 every 3 seconds.
If you bought the "Coincidence?" upgrade in shop, the chance is 1/60 every 3 seconds.
Q: What are researches? A: Go to tab "Researches". You should see the Research Center. Pay for unlocking! The Research Center will unlock many further upgrades. They will improve your BTC/s, your money for selling, more room for your rigs, and so on. It takes time to research them, but you can save time by paying money again.
Prestige Q: I can't buy anything in shop! I don't understand it. A: The shop is a good place to buy comprehensive upgrades. You need coins to pay.
You get them trough playing TRON, unlocking achievements and prestige mode.
Q: Can I lose the upgrades from the shop? A: No. BTC/s Multi and so on are forever, you will only lose money bags and the ATI Mach.
Q: How does the prestige system work? A: If you restart your game the first time, prestige mode is activated (Don't forget to export). For the next start you'll get coins; the amount of them is based on the money you made in this session. You will also get less coins for every Prestige Level you already got. It's harder to get 100 coins in Prestige 9 than in Prestige 1.

WolframALPHA Formula, where x is your money made this game.
You don't have to calculate on your own, the game does it for you: Go to Settings -> Prestige Mode an see, how many coins you would get.

Note: It is possible to gain coins through game events, not only by prestige mode.
Note: For your very first coin you need ~1 quadrillion dollars.
Q: How do I get a Prestige Level? A: If your restart bonus (see in Settings -> Prestige Mode) is equal to 75 coins (or even bigger), you will level up your prestige.
After next restart you need 150 coins for a prestige level up, then 225, and so on.
Q: I have already coins, but I'm Prestige 0. Why? A: You can also gain some coins through achievements, playing TRON and Random Events.
Q: Do I lose earned coins when I'm going to restart? A: No, there is no way to lose coins.
Advanced Q: How is the BTC/s boost determined? A: It depends on the amount of Vodoo Cards you have. Funny, I know
Q: Where is the difference between BTC/s Multiplier and BTC/s base multiplier? A: First one will change your overall BTC/s. Second one will increase the base BTC/s value of machines.
Q: How do I unlock the adventure/dungeon/whatever mode? A: It gets unlocked if you buy your first ASIC Miner. BETA Status, don't expect too much!
Q: How do I get awards? A: Bronze (25 rigs), Silver (50 rigs), Gold (100 rigs), Ruby (200 rigs), Emerald (500 rigs) and Diamond (1000 rigs)
Design & Gimmicks Q: Where do I see the cost per bitcoins/s? A: You have to check the checkbox in Settings tab.
Q: What are bad points? A: Compare your besttimes with your friends using bad points. They are based on your Prestige Level and time needed. (Less points are better)
Q: Why are there no serverwide stats? A: This game is clientbased, you every player could change his money and so on. This would be a who-is-the-best-cheater highscore list.
Q: How do I open the command line? A: Just type cmd on your keyboard. Or click here
Q: How do I use the classic design? I hate this shi**y background OR How do i use the kitty background? A: Open the command line, then type classic.true and confirm with your enter key. (Get other one back with classic.false)
Activate your bought kitty background with kitty
Q: Remove the annoying ads! A: I won't, because hosting this game is no free (Doritos neither).
Even though I see your point; I hate annyoing ads also. That's reason why I tried to position them user-friendly as good as possible.
If you still want to remove them, use an Adblocker. I don't bother you.

Feedback and other questions Q: Only errors. Fix the game! A: Don't forget that you're playing in an beta version. If you find bugs, don't keep them! Email me or use the "feedback" option. Thank you
Q: Is cheating allowed? A: Sure it is. Bitcoiner is a clientbased game, so you can change all variables, savegames and so on.
If you want to, do so! (Even though it's boring)
Q: How can I support the game? A: Tell your friends about it. That's it!

Hint: English is not my first language.
Hint: You could also ask in chat.
Note: I stopped developing this game. I have not much time for developing this good but bad programmed, already well advanced game. Maybe there will be a sequel (don't expect anything). I thank you for playing bitcoinergame! My email address is still up and will be, so feel free to write me an email.

Note: Thanks for your feedback, maybe you will find your own stuff here. Keep checking changelog. todo list
check out our own subreddit

19th Feb '16
* Removed one ugly ad because of some jQuery problems
* Test on a new server. I hope you won't lose your savegames.

16th Feb '16
* Some bug fixes (autosell)
* Removed classic theme
* Showing the btc cost for every hardware item is not opt-in anymore
* Made the phonehous bosses stronger

13th Feb '16
* Play without ads on kongregate

21st January '16
* There are now ugly ads! I will build an option where you can turn them off, if you are too annoyed. (I need some bucks to pay the domain)

11th August '15
* dollar sign is on the left side (finally)
* added Google AdSense - hosting and domain is not for free :-(

3rd November '14
* "Doubletime"-Upgrade in shop

29th October '14
* smoother healthbar in adventure mode (+less cpu usage)
* new upgrade in shop: fast forwarding long battles (the first battle will last max. 25 seconds)

28th October '14
* small design fixes
* Only available hardware shows the cost per btc/s
* closed feedback function (I can't handle that much) - you can still send me feedback to

20th September '14
* added nearly infinte big numbers
* fixed the bug where you get the "new era" achievement without doing anything
I have currently no time for developing, I'm really sorry. Thanks for playing.

29th August '14
* fixed Abstinence-achievement

28th August '14
* adverts online again
* easy to see which rig has the best cost-benefit ratio

24th August '14
* Tried to improve the FAQs
* some achievements should work now again (first silver, ruby, and so on)
* increased startbonus (2h instead of 1h, bonus is now x1.4 instead of 1.2)
* fixed townhall upgrade
* removed Chitika, because some ads were not adequate enough. Sorry for annoying you, I'll change ad provider again.
* added achievments for clicks
* getting coins on higher prestige is now a little bit easier
* Gold Digger gives you now more coins if you are in prestige levels
* decreased BTC/s bonus prices at shop
* BTC/s boost won't affect Adventure Mode anymore
* added another adventure mode level
* reduced room upgrade prices ins shop
* reduced money bag prices ins shop
* TRON can now be played with arrow keys
* backgound is resizing with browser size
* received plenty of feedback ideas, but the next few days I can't update the game. They will come.
* Please send me a mail to if you can't get abstinence achievement.

23rd August '14
* Adventure mode will reset with prestige mode

22nd August '14
* some balancing, nerfed btc factor research further
* nerfed random machines
* experimental release of battle mode, you need to have at least 1 ASIC Miner (could be really buggy) (more content will come)
* menu order re-arranged
* splitted SUCCESS tab and added content to STATS tab
* replaced AdSense by Chitika

20th August '14
* improved mini tutorial
* added confirmation to prestige button, should work also on mobile devices
* new endgame research

19th August '14
* Nerfed BTC/s Factor Researches hard, some researches could now be too expensive - don't worry, I will balance them
* BTC/s multiplier over time refreshes now every 2 seconds
* changed "Prestige"-achievement coins from 500 to 300
* resized shop items
* made FAQs nicer, more questions will come
* you can switch cost for 1 btc/s in settings on and off
* Stats fixed
* new prestige level limits: 75, 150, 225, ...
* decreased prestige level influence on earned coins
* minor fixes

18th August '14
* button for doubling the TRON size
* removed 3 of 4 charts, they were cool but useless and took long to load
* added event log
* added shop upgrades for more room
* added clickspeed counter
* changed btc/s multiplier over time research: 10^(TimeSinceResearch/8000) * BTC/s instead of (TimeThisSessionPassed / 10000) * BTC/s
* new reached achievements will show the time you needed
* minor fixes and balancing

17th August '14
* added new research: level up your home to have enough space for new rigs
* nerfed randoms rewards (hustler), slightly increased chance to show
* increased slightly the amount of coins you'll get for prestige
* BUY 10 button is now really quick
* minor fixes

16th August '14
* USD/BTC was so low I had to fix it. Should be around $100 higher than the real price.
* TRON was stopping BTC/s, problem fixed
* added a FB Like button! More Hype!
* decreased hardware price increase
* fixed research bug (110% and 150% selling bonus)
* minor fixes

15th August '14
* added average USD/BTC price
* gem awards showed wrong names
* beta tron game, will come to game later
* added hardware image to tooltip
* added USD/BTC Bonus (x1.2) for the first hour of playing
* added a few hints for SUCCESS stats
* fixed stats bug (1435% made), but it will work only after reset
* refreshing site to change USD/BTC should not work anymore
* BTC/s boost will now show remaining time
* responsive design - ad position will change if you are using mobile device or small screen!
* added tron game with 2 new achievements

14th August '14
* "Reset Now"-achievement fixed
* "Abstinence"-achievement fixed
* changed red color to green in shop
* you can disable some animations now (for slow computers)
* added "Total Money Spent" and "Machines Owned" in Success
* new upgrade in shop ("Real Hustling")
* added new domain, you can still reach it at
* for a prestige level up, you'll need 50 * (1 + PrestigeLevel) Coins
* changed prestige infos in settings
* you can now download your savegame as text file for fast export
* nerfed "BTC/s multiplier over time" hard, maybe I have to rebalance other things also.
* nerfed BTC/s boost
* nerfed click bonus (botnet upgrades)
* added night upgrades to shop
* fixed "last random"

13th August '14
* fixed besttime stats again (still don't know why charts are failing)
* researches are even more cheaper now
* kitty background is now stored in settings and can be disabled
* Achievements will give you a certain amount of coins
* nerfed BTC/s boost a little bit
* changed prestige again (you will get coins earlier, but less)
* added upgrades to shop

Older changes
This feature is BETA Status, use at your own risk (Don't forget to export)

Enemie(s) left for boss



Fight Enemies to encounter boss and beat the boss to get a reward. Level up stages to unlock more!
Your health is your current amount of BTC/10.
Please report bugs, feedback or hints as usual via chat or mail at - Thank you.

Better graphics and animations will come! (Really, someday..)

Use WASD/arrow keys to move, any other key to pause, Enter to restart
Startscreen is black! It's a feature (not a bug)

   0 Points so far

You'll get the difference between your old and new highscore as coins.
The score is depending on your distance you reached. (Pixels/100)
Highscore will be reseted with prestige level up.

code based on TRON 219 Bytes

General feedback, questions and comments?

Just email me:
Impressum/ Legal Notice

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