12th August '14
* reworked whole prestige system; your old reset bonus were converted into coins. 1% = 1 coin (thanks to garrett53 for ideas)
* late game researches little bit cheaper
* minor fixes and balancing
* you can now spend money to save research time
* made endgame researches cheaper, could be strange now - some really cheap and some really expensive. (Tell me what you think)
* fixed hopefully "Hilarious"-achievement
* changed money hacking again
* changed prestige formula

10th August '14
* changed graphics again
* fixed instant-research bug
* fixed maybe stats bug
* inflation, higher prices!
* two new achievement
* removed platin award and added ruby (200), emerald (500) and diamond (1000)
* few new big numbers
* BTC/s boost will *10 your research speed
* added reset income bonus on settings site
* expanded FAQs
* minor fixes

8th August '14
* fixed freezing bug while researching
* I had to change images, I don't want copyright problems. If you got better graphics for me, write me
* added SELL 1 button

7th August '14
* Decreased Research BTC/s bonus
* Decreased Prestige Bonus
* Changed "Prestige"-achievement
* Changed "Stagnation is regression"-achievement
* fixed besttime in stats
* fixed earth computer and added few new upgrades
* added hover informations for owned BTC (just try it)
* Bitcoiner broke the 1k unique visitors mark yesterday. Thank you for playing

5th August '14
* "Spare your finger" should work now.
* Fixed random gifts exploit * Added TS3 Server address.
* Chat replaced by IRC client (not really tested yet)
* Thanks for all the feedback, Updates will come. Stay tuned

30th/31th July '14
* chat was offline due resource limits. should work now and also should need less traffic for refresh. (I will need a better server though)
* some notes will now stay until you click them, so you can see unlocked achievements when you come back to the game after a long afk time
* few new end-game upgrades
* reload doesn't reset hack click counter which lowers your money from hacking
* upgrades in research are now orange and without hover effect
* added little savegame backup system, in fact you can play with 2 different savegames in 1 browser
* added small highscore system: best times and bad points. "bad points" are base on time needed and prestige level; could be c**p. The less "bad points", the better you are playing
* you can now change the style of number formatter (settings)
* added cost per BTC info to hardware tooltip text

29th July '14
* I really hope I fixed randoms in Firefox
* randoms were shown very short time, this should be fixed now

28th July '14
* added tutorial-like arrow for bitcoiner beginners
* added chat channels
* buffed endgame BTC/s factor
* fixed random event position, perhaps there are still bugs (especially Firefox)
* minor fixes (prestige system, content)
* Google Chart tooltip is now showing big numbers

25th July '14
* reduced research costs, some are still too high
* you can now see your researched upgrades, just click "show upgrades researched" under "RESEARCH"
* added inner glow for BTC/s boost and arrows for a changing BTC/USD rate
* added new chart: money_all, aka money made this game. all stats are now saved every 20 instead of 15 minutes. needed to reset all your chart stats
* tooltip text is now formatting big numbers (million, trillion etc)

23th July '14
* hardware base cost and btc/s changed massively (decelerating the start- midgame)
* some javascript improvments; popups removed

22th July '14
* prestige modus fixed, new logarithm function for calculating.
* a few cool graphs added (Google Chart), more to come

20th July '14 (2 am)
* few style improvments and fixes
* added ending screen in case somebody every gets all achievements
* nerfed hustler, buffed BTC/s boost - also they are now even more random
* new research tree for increasing base BTC/s of all machines (need feedback)
* changed prestige formula again

18th July '14
* added prestige system. ALPHA STATUS! Export your savegame before using!
* few more upgrades
* hustling buffed
* new random event

14th July '14
* random events are now..random
* balancing en masse
* added nick color to chat
* added further chat functions (like /me and /bla)
* added more upgrades and achievements
* some chat improvments
* long numbers are now easy to read
* germany is world champion 2014

9th July '14
* added more upgrades and achievements
* added feedback option

7th July '14
* fixed total money made
* added research center (VERY experimental) - upgrades for and from research center are coming

June '14
* minor fixes
* unlocked achievements are now showing description
* added random events, more content is on the way
* new experimental design, call it with classic.false
* added a "buy 10" button
* added effect when clicking "hack some dollars"-button
* tooltip is now following your cursor
* added chat smilies
* added chat (experimental)
* added first achievements
* added notes (fires when getting achievements and so on)